Laguna treasures

Horseback riding open to all

Starting from the stables, you will run through hidden pathways and amazing places. During the excursion, you will visit the area of the Salinas of Sant’Antioco - and admire the Flamingos - the little island of S’isula Manna and the marshy area of Riu Sassu and then ride back to the stables. An expert guide will turn this experience into an unforgettable one.

The rate includes:

  • Accommodation in a comfortable and elegant room.
  • Catering treatment depending on the chosen package
  • Horse trekking for 2 people in the suggestive Sardinian scenery at the Sant'Antioco salt pans to discover the exciting flight of pink flamingos (duration: 2 h)
  • Wi-Fi internet included in the hotel


  • The stables are located just 10 minutes from the Lu' Hotel Porto Pino
  • The activities are collective
  • The horseback excursion is provided by "Maneggio Sulcis" in a special agreement for the Lu' Hotel Porto Pino

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