What to know about South-West Sardinia


Sulcis-Iglesiente is one of the oldest territories in all of Sardinia.

In the village of Sant'Anna Arresi stands an ancient nuraghe, famous for its position in the heart of the city, close to two churches dedicated to the patron saint. The prehistoric site dates back to the 15th-14th century BC. (Middle Bronze Age).

A short distance away it is possible to reach the grandiose necropolis of Montessu, the Domus de Janas (fairy houses) inhabited, according to tradition, by beautiful little women. The tombs, about 40, are dug out of the trachyte rock.

Sant'Anna Arresi also represents the starting point of a food and wine itinerary not to be missed. Flavors and traditions of Sardinia meet in this corner of paradise. At a short distance from the Lu' Hotel Porto Pino it will be possible to visit fragrant vineyards and ancient cellars producing the "Carignano", a fine wine from the Sulcis-Iglesiente region.

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